WordPress Web Design Service in Penang

Hi my name is Amirul Baharudin, a talented freelance designer with a passion for creating unique and captivating designs. With over 4 years of experience in the industry, I have honed my skills in design that can be used to create a stunning looking website.

Beautiful Website That Will Capture Your Customer's Attention

Your website should be bringing in you new client not chasing them away

You should use your website to attracts more eyeballs to your business. But it is hard to that if your website is not up to today standard. With an effective and beautiful web design, we can help your business to achieve a greater height.


Low Quality Design

The web design delivered is of a low quality and is not up to todays' standard.

Slow Loading Website

Your website is done but it is not optimized and it will take time for it to finish loading.

Missing Designer

Your designer received their payment but they are nowhere to be found after.

Expensive Service

You find a great web designer but they charge you a fortune for the website.

No After Sale Service

You finished the web design and is ready to launch. But your designer disappear after they handover the project.

Long Delivery Time

The process is taking too long and by the time it is finished, you already missing on a lot of sales.

Hidden Fees

Your designer is hiding a lot of hidden fees to squeeze you out of every dollar you have.

Insane Contract Terms

The contract prepared by the designers has a lot of ridiculous terms that you are uncomfortable to follow.


What You Will Get When Working With Me?

* : Read more about the benefits of a fast website here


See for yourself how your website should look like. This is what my WordPress web design service in Penang deliver to you.


I am not just offering a WordPress web design service in Penang. I provide the solutions to every of your digital marketing and online business needs.

Business Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website can be a pain especially if you do not know what you are doing. So, let me help you do the heavy lifting for you. 


Scale your business online without hiring a full-time designer. You can do that if you use your time to do more for your business.

Free E-Commerce Website

This is the new model that I established to help new and growing business that does not have a lot of capital to build their online empire.

Flat Pricing Web Design

A website should be designed with the user experience in mind, making it easy to navigate, visually appealing, and informative.


Transparent Pricing

Be honest with me. When was the last time you come across a design service with transparent pricing?

Time Saving

Instead of figuring out everything by yourself, you can rely on me to do your design work and save a lot of your precious time.

Efficient Workflow

Design, rinse, repeat. You can get your design done fast while you still busy growing your business.


You already have a lot of things on hand. So, I want to make your design experience as smooth as possible.

Brand Tailored

Every design will be unique to you and your brand so you can stand out from your competition.


Have flexibility in terms of project timelines, working hours, and availability.


Two heads are better than one. You can have a unique perspective from another person to market your business.


I know your money is precious. Instead of hiring a big agency, you can work one-on-one with me at less cost.



No refund will be provided for any of my service.

It depends on what service you are referring to. For example, if you are buying a web design package, the initial revision is only 3 rounds.

All prices displayed on this website used USD as a currency.


If you are subscribing to a Dedicated Plan, your website will be hosted on a Digital Ocean server. I may choose to host it on a different provider in the future.

Currently, I will backup your website weekly. You can request it to be backup more frequently.

If you choose to host your website on a hosting provider platform, you will need to monitor everything(updates, uptime, website speed and etc.) by yourself.

You will need to give me permission to access your website’s backend.

For now, this maintenance plan is only available for WordPress websites.

Free Website

I will own the right to the website during and after the contract period. If you want the right to own it, you can purchase it through me.

There are 3 possibilities:

  • You want to continue the contract, in which we can extend the contract until the agreed period.
  • You do not want to continue the contract, where the entire website(including assets, hosting, data, etc.) will be deleted.
  • You want to continue the contract but do not want to pay monthly fees, in which your only option is to buy the website from me.

Since you do not bear any risk at all, the contract exist to make sure that both parties get the best outcome possible.

Do not worry you do not have to pay anything unless you want to buy the right to own the website from me. 

Yes. Every website will be managed and hosted by me.

Unfortunately, this is not an option on this deal. 

Web Design

I do not provide a standalone web hosting package.

But it is included in my website maintenance package. If you are looking to offload your website maintenance work, feel free to explore my package on the business website maintenance page.

You can configure your website pricing here. The base price starts at US$100.

There is no prerequisite for you to get started. Configure your website and then I will start creating it for you.

It depends. Many variables involve determining how long it will take to build your website. 

A small-scale website takes from a week to a month to complete.

Having a website can benefit you in many ways. Such as:

  1. You can always be present for your customer
  2. It easier to communicate with your customer
  3. It set you aside from your competitors
  4. Easier for you to manage your business

This is not all. If you want to know more, I suggest you read my blog on this topic. You do not have to take my word for it. Telegraph UK also wrote an article on why business need to have a website

Generally, I use WordPress to build a website. It is open source and it save a lot of time. Plus, it is the largest content management system in term of number of user. 

If you need a custom solution other than WordPress, please tell me what you have in your mind so we can work something out.

These two has no connection whatsoever. But I do get this question a lot. It is understandable as not all people can easily understand this kind of stuff.

Web design is how your website look, that is it. When you are hiring a web designer, usually they are not responsible for your hosting.

Web hosting on the other hand, is where your website live. It is where you put your website so that your audience can access it.


The design will be delivered on our own web-based platform. For demo you can visit: https://amirulbaharudin.com/demo-subscription-account/

After the initial discovery call, you will be sent a Stripe link for you to checkout.

No. After the contract period end, the subscription will not be renewed.

Unlike hiring a full-time designer, you don’t need to worry about paying other benefits. Besides, there will be time where you will not be using their service, which is a waste.

On average, you will receive your design between 1-3 business days depending on the type of design you requested.

You can request a design on the same page as the page you received the design. For demo you can visit: https://amirulbaharudin.com/demo-subscription-account/

Don’t worry, we will work together on the revision until we get the best design for you.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund for this service.

For Recruiters

Yes, I am open to a full-time position.

With my current level of experience, I believe 5500MYR is a good starting point for a negotiation.

Currently, I am only accepting offers that have remote capability.


Let's grow your business with my WordPress web design service in Penang today!