Common Web Design Mistakes That Business Do

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With the advancement of technology, almost every business is striving to keep up with the trend. Web design has been evolving too since its inception and there are a lot of mistakes that people make when designing websites.

Web design is a complicated process and it is easy to make mistakes in it. You must avoid these design blunders if you want your website to prosper and generate revenue. It is not uncommon to find that these ever-changing trends can lead to some web design mistakes that can be easily avoided.

As a business owner, you may not know about these mistakes, but your website often has some of these common web design mistakes. This can lead to many problems like low conversion rates, poor UX, lack of engagement from users, etc.

Design mistakes are those that can ruin the overall design of a website. A web design mistake is very easy to fix. But unfortunately,  many business owners choose to ignore these problems until it is too late.

Confusing Layout

When it comes to design, a website should not be confused. It is important to have a clear and easy-to-use layout that will put users in a comfortable state of mind when they interact with your site.

Using a website layout that is too confusing will make it more difficult for users to navigate through your website. If you want your website to be successful, you must have a user-pleasing design and layout.

A clear and easy-to-use layout will also attract more customers and increase conversions for your business. When websites are too complicated with too many options, users become annoyed and find it difficult to navigate them.

Too Much Going On Around The Layout

A website design that is too busy can make it difficult for the visitor to find what they are looking for. Many websites use a similar layout, such as news sites and newspapers. This trend is reflective of the growing amount of content on the internet.

When a website layout is overcrowded, it can be difficult to know where to turn first. Even if you know what you are looking for, it might not be easy to get there. As your website gets busier, it becomes harder for your visitors to find what they need and navigate your site effectively.

Recent studies have shown that users can see within seconds whether they want to stick around on a website or leave for another one. A minimalist layout can be a great strategy for beginners because it does not take up much space or effort on the front end.

No Call-To-Action(CTA) Button

The call-to-action is the button or action you want the user to do after reading your content. The objective of this section is to give the user a clear direction on what he should do after finishing reading your content.

The call-to-action buttons provide direction for readers on what they should do after finishing reading a post or browsing your website. It is important to give the user a direction to take to make their decision easier. One way to do this is by having a call to action at the end of the content.

Some people have a hard time using the website because they are not sure what they should be doing. This can lead to decreased conversion rates and low revenue.

You can clear this confusion by adding more call-to-action to your websites and making them easier for people to understand. By adding a clear call-to-action, we also encourage users to follow it and purchase whatever is being offered on the website.

Little Or No Whitespace

Whitespace is a crucial element that can elevate the quality of your design. It gives your layout an open and airy look. The two most common ways that you can create whitespace in a web design are using negative margins or spacing out your content. It can affect the mood of a page and its readability.

One of the biggest mistakes in web design is not adding enough whitespace to a website. This often causes the website to look unappealing and cluttered, which can be very distracting and time-consuming to browse.

An argument for whitespace is that it provides a visual break from all the text on your screen, making you more attentive to what’s happening in front of you. It also allows visitors to breathe when they scroll down and up or change tabs or windows while browsing.

Focusing Too Much On Aesthetic

With the rise of web design, more emphasis is being put on the aesthetics of the website rather than functionality. However, businesses need to ensure that their website has a clear purpose and plan.

Aesthetics are important, but we should focus on making sure that our websites are functional and designed well. With this in mind, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Make your website easy for your audience to use
  • Make your website easy for visitors to navigate around
  • Make your design appealing but relevant

You should not make web design too complicated or complicated for your visitors to understand what you offer, because this could lead to frustration among them.

It is important to keep in mind that aesthetics is not the only thing that matters. Before you get too attached to a design, you should make sure that your website is fulfilling its purpose.

Complex Navigation

Website navigation aims to make navigating through a website as easy as possible for visitors while providing them with relevant information. Navigation is the gateway for users to navigate through a website and know what they are looking for.

However, there are many ways in which websites can be made more confusing. One of them is by providing too many choices on the homepage and making it difficult to know what you’re looking at when you land on the page.

There’s no denying that navigating web pages can be difficult these days because there are so many options available on websites that people don’t know where to start. So, you must keep your website easy for users to navigate and not confusing them.

Non-Responsive Website

Responsive web design is a technique that allows a website to be optimized for mobile and tablet devices, giving it a modern, fresh look.

Non-responsive websites are harder to use on mobile devices than responsive ones. If you already have a non-responsive site, think about how you can make it responsive so that you can continue growing and reaching more people with high-quality content.

A website needs to be responsive to ensure that its content can be easily accessed by the target audience. This is not just about the size of the screen; it’s about ensuring that your web pages respond well and are easy to navigate.

Statistics show more than half of the internet traffic is coming from a mobile device. If you have a non-responsive website, you are limiting your potential audience as these people would have difficulties accessing your website. When people cannot access your site, it means they won’t buy from you or even like your page.

It’s important to have a responsive web presence because not everyone has access to a computer or a phone with high-definition screens, so they will just see blurry text and images on their mobile device.

Ugly/Outdated Design

The website design is usually a reflection of the company and its business. It can be used as a tool to communicate visually with customers.

The point is that if you have a bad website, it doesn’t matter how good your product is or how much experience you have. The bad website design will drive away potential customers.

Customers prefer websites that offer clean, modern designs and are user-friendly. Web design has seen significant changes in recent years due to the addition of some new features (like responsive web design) that make websites easier to use across devices and platforms.

Not Putting Contact Info

It is important to put your contact information on your website because it is one of the first places a potential customer will see it.

Many websites do not use the contact information on their website, which can make it difficult for a visitor to reach out and find more information about you. Some mistakenly assume that their visitors don’t want or need more information and they’ll just leave. If this happens, then they’re going to lose out on a lot of business opportunities as well as potentially lose revenue from people who believe they’ve been spammed.

Although you may be reluctant to put your contact information on your website, there is a lot of value in doing so. It helps your business grow and it can lead to additional income opportunities.

Text Are Too Small

When text is too small to read, it can be difficult to understand what the text is about. This can often lead to frustration and a negative experience for the reader.

Text size is a common issue on websites and other digital platforms. The screen resolution varies across the web, from phone screens to tablets and desktop monitors.

Readers with vision problems are not the only ones who struggle to read text on devices. Even those who have good eyesight can have a hard time reading text on smaller screens or if they’re just tired or distracted.

It’s more important than ever for a website to use larger font sizes for its content. In fact, some websites are offering their readers a choice between one- and two-column layouts as accommodation for this issue.

Too Many Fonts

As a rule of thumb, you should not use more than two type fonts on a website and the main font should be used most of the time.

Fonts can cause visual confusion on a website. They are also hard to read because our eyes get tired of reading fonts after a while.

Using too many fonts leads to inconsistent typography on the web and ultimately, poor user experience.

Avoid These Common Web Design Mistakes

It’s important to avoid these common mistakes in web design because they can harm your business.

A website that is well designed and functional will benefit your business and make it easy for visitors to accomplish their goals. However, a poorly designed website can lead to users abandoning the site and not purchasing online.

If you feel like this is a pain and a waste of time to deal with, feel free to contact me. I am happy to help with your business website.

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Request designs easily without having to attend multiple sales call that are wasting your precious time.