Designer’s Diary #1: 1 August 2023

Table of Contents

Thought of the day

Since this is supposed to be a diary, I want it to be as authentic as possible. I may not include every detail of my everyday life but you can count it to be real. May this be served as a reminder of my struggle when I am successful(Maybe, I do not know the future yet).

P/S: You may notice that today is a very unproductive day for me. Yes, you are right. It is a quirk that comes from being a freelancer.

A new thing that I learned

I learned to cook pizza. It has nothing to do with design but it is an achievement nonetheless.

It is edible but it is far from being tasty. Not bad for a first-timer I would say. I mistake tomato puree for tomato sauce making it very sour.

Today’s activities

8:00 AM
9:00 AM
10:00 AMI wake up
11:00 AMWent to a barbershop for a haircut
12:00 PMWent shopping for pizza ingredient
1:00 PMLunchtime
2:00 PMFiguring out ways how to put consistent content for my freelancing business. All days wasted doing this thing.
3:00 PM
4:00 PM
5:00 PMPrepping for pizza dough
6:00 PMRest(mindlessly scrolling social media)
7:00 PMCooking my dinner, the pizza
8:00 PMDinner time
9:00 PMContinue to figure things out
10:00 PM
11:00 PMUpdating some of my website pages for SEO purpose
12:00 AMWriting my first Designer’s Diary

Note to self

I have been freelancing for 4 years now. But I am still struggling with everyday tasks. The worst part is, I might fail on this journey. But I will keep pushing on because it is something worth fighting for.

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